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HY-TEK Bio’s unique strain of algae (HTB-1) is singular among thousands of strains because it excels against numerous criteria, including temperature tolerance, high CO2 exposure, pH level, reproduction rate, and market value. HTB-1 is indigenous to Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.More.

HY-TEK Bio has pioneered the use of photosynthetic wavelength LED light to spur maximum use of light energy by the algae. We have matched LED intensity to the algae’s specific wavelength energy needs, and we have modulated our LEDs to match the algae’s “flash effect”. HY-TEK Bio has optimized LED lighting to pull minimal power, generate minimal heat, and extend maximum life.More.

LED Lighting

HY-TEK Bio has produced an inexpensive and portable bioreactor to replace its stainless steel tanks. These new bioreactors integrate a laminated Mylar-like material with carbon fiber and Kevlar structural support; they are reinforced with sonically welded seams. The 4’x20’ bioreactors are lightweight at 65 pounds, and can be utilized for a multitude of storage purposes (drinking water, fuel, grain, food products, and other pourable liquids and solids).More.

Related Technologies

HY-TEK Bio has developed a process to inject micron-sized bubbles into its algal solution to promote maximum dissolution effect. This innovative sparging technology enables a high volume of gas flow for numerous industrial processes.More.

In partnership with the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, HY-TEK Bio is developing a process to use chicken manure as an inexpensive, odorless and colorless liquid nutrient for its algae, which also reduces manure run-off into the Chesapeake Bay.More.