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Optimizing algae growth isn’t complete without the right nutrients, but when nutrients can cost up to $20 a gallon the entire process can become very expensive and unsustainable.

HY-TEK Bio has explored the use of chicken manure, which is loaded with nitrogen, phosphate and potassium - the main requirements for algal growth. Chicken manure is so plentiful that presents serious run-off problems in Maryland and other states.

With a grant from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships program, and in cooperation with the University of Maryland UMCES/IMET, HY-TEK Bio tested the effectiveness of chicken manure as a nutrient and discovered that – with mild treatment – it is an excellent feedstock for growing algae.

HY-TEK Bio uses a patent-pending process to separate and cleanse this natural material into a colorless, odorless and environmentally safe liquid.

This advance toward an odorless and colorless liquid feedstock reduces nutrient costs tremendously, and helps to solve a large-scale environmental pollution problem.