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HTB Hosts ABO World Summit Tour

Leaders of the algae industry – researchers, producers, suppliers, technology providers and project developers – visited HY-TEK Bio’s research and development site as part of the Algae Biomass Organization’s (ABO) World Summit..
Over 100 algae professionals from around the world toured the facility located at Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant in southeastern Baltimore County, MD.
HY-TEK Bio President/CEO Robert M. Mroz led a presentation describing his company’s process in mitigating CO2, NOx, SOx and other toxins through an optimized photosynthesis, using algae housed in 20-foot bioreactors. Mroz and his staff also answered questions regarding supporting technologies of gas injection, containment, LED lighting and nutrient mix.
HY-TEK Bio uses a robust strain of freshwater algae – designated HTB-1 after it was isolated by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences – to consume greenhouse gas produced by the Back River facility. Those gases are pumped into the bioreactors where they are photosynthesized and oxygen is produced. The process also produces more algae that can be sold for a multitude of purposes.
Mroz and his colleagues were featured speakers at the ABO World Summit in Washington DC, where he described the efficiency of the patented process.
Mroz was introduced by Ted Atwood, head of the Baltimore City Office of Energy and director of the Department of General Services, which oversees Back River operations.


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