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 HY-TEK Bio has been recognized with awards and grants

 HY-TEK Bio has developed its patent-pending processes in partnership with the University of Maryland's Center for Environmental Sciences and  
 Institute for Marine and Environmental Technologies, and has been
recognized extensively with both grants and awards.

HY-TEK Bio, LLC is an emerging global leader in reducing greenhouse gas

(GHG) emissions using algae. The company's patent-pending technology

uses a unique algal strain (HTB-1) - isolated from thousands of strains -

to consume up to 100 percent of the GHG emissions from flue gases

created by industrial manufacturing and power generation.

HY-TEK Bio technology uses HTB-1 algae to absorb GHG emissions from flue gases produced in industrial manufacturing and power generation.

In doing so, we’ve created a revolutionary business model that changes the equation regarding climate change since it allows the use of fossil fuels, methane and biomass as sources of clean energy while generating revenue to pay for the installation, operation and maintenance (O&M), including profits for users and investors.

HTB-1 has numerous unique properties, making it one of the critical components in successfully mitigating Greenhouse Gases emissions from any source of fuel, including coal, oil, natural gas, methane, biomass and pretty much anything that will burn. These multiple applications provide a global market for the Company.

                                                And. because of the optimum conditions created in HY-
                                                TEK Bio’s patent-pending photo bioreactor tanks, the HTB-1
                                                algae reproduces at an accelerated rate using the GHG 
                                                emissions as food and is then harvested to manufacture high-
                                                value products, including pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, 
                                                bioplastics, thickeners for cosmetics and paints, nutritional
                                                additives for animal and human food products,
                                                lutein/zeaxanthin (ultra antioxidants), as well as biofuel.

HY-TEK Bio employs numerous associated technologies.

To improve the mitigation process and reduce operational costs, the Company has developed other patent-pending technologies, including:

Algae: HY-TEK Bio’s unique strain of algae (HTB-1) is singular among thousands of strains of algae because it excels in numerous criteria, including wider ranges of tolerance for temperature, 100% CO2 levels, wide ranges of pH levels; fast reproduction rate; high market value; and being indigenous to the Chesapeake Bay.

Photobioreactors (PBRs): HY-TEK Bio has produced an inexpensive and portable bioreactor to replace its stainless steel counterpart. The new model bioreactor – that has multiple uses beyond mitigation - is made of laminated Mylar with carbon fiber and Kevlar structural support with a 7,000 lb. breaking strength reinforced by sonically welded seams. The PBRs are scalable in dimensions and lightweight at 65 lbs for a 4’x20’ unit. They can be used for a multitude of storage purposes, including the storage of drinking water, fuel, grain, food products and various other pourable solids and liquids

Gas Injection: HY-TEK Bio has developed a process to inject micron-sized bubbles into solution to promote maximum dissolution effect of GHG. This technology enables a high volume (cubic feet per minute) of gas flow for numerous industrial processes using injection techniques.

LED Light Technology: The use of only photosynthetic wavelength LED light for maximum transfer of light energy to the algal culture, intensity matched to the algae needs for specific wavelength energy, modulated light matched to the algae’s “flash effect”; all optimized for minimal power consumption, minimal heat generation and maximum production.

Nutrient: The use of chicken manure put through a proprietary process that provides the exact amount and ratio of nutrients to promote enhanced growth of HTB-1.

Breakthrough technologyfor mitigation of CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas emissions using an optimized indigenous strain of algae and a patent-pending photo bioreactor system design.

Validated with over 12,000 hours of operating experience backed by credible third party.

InnovativeLED lighting enhances algal growth, reduces power consumption and increases CO2 mitigation/volume of culture.

Flexible design allows application as a carbon capture recovery solution for corresponding multi-pollutant quality control systems.

Modular and scalable design speeds implementation and works with any generating capacity - from small landfills to large power plants.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of patent-pending Algae-based GHG Mitigation System.

Ability to harvest algae and capture oxygen as marketable off-take products provides a positive cash flow to pay back initial investment, cover ongoing O&M and still produce considerable profit for HY-TEK Bio and its investors.

Early Adopters will have their operating cost covered, reducing the need for an increased O&M Budget.

No added risk or O&M cost for chemical purchase, or hazardous byproducts Our project is designed to repay the investment in seven to ten years 100% mitigation of CO2, NOx and SOx (not usually present in methane fired equipment) exceeds the 2015 EPA requirements.

Public Acceptance by adding HY-TEK Bio green technology.


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