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Breakthrough technology for mitigation of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions using an optimized indigenous strain of algae and a patent-pending photo bioreactor system design.

Validated with over 12,000 hours of operating experience backed by credible third party.

InnovativeLED lighting enhances algal growth, reduces power consumption and increases CO2 mitigation/volume of culture.

Flexible design allows application as a carbon capture recovery solution for corresponding multi-pollutant quality control systems.

Modular and scalable design speeds implementation and works with any generating capacity - from small landfills to large power plants.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of patent-pending Algae-based GHG Mitigation System.

Ability to harvest algae and capture oxygen as marketable off-take products provides a positive cash flow to pay back initial investment, cover ongoing O&M and still produce considerable profit for HY-TEK Bio and its investors.

Early Adopters will have their operating cost covered, reducing the need for an increased O&M Budget.

No added risk or O&M cost for chemical purchase, or hazardous byproducts Our project is designed to repay the investment in seven to ten years 100% mitigation of CO2, NOx and SOx (not usually present in methane fired equipment) exceeds the 2015 EPA requirements.

Public Acceptance by adding HY-TEK Bio green technology.

The HY-TEK bIO Process

Provided with light, water, nutrient and CO2, algae grows by consuming the CO2 in flue gas along with nutrient in the algal culture. Once the culture reaches an optical density at which the light can no longer penetrate the core of the bioreactor.

The system’s automation control opens the bioreactor drain valve and 10% of the bioreactor’s algal culture transfers into a settling tank. A bio-coagulant is used to separate the algae from the water in the culture.

Excess water is drained off, filtered, and recycled to the bioreactor (with nutrients and make-up water added). The algal slurry in the settling tank is then pumped through a spray dryer, converted to powder, vacuum packed and stored for shipping.

This operation cycles every 90 minutes and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions 24/7. One bioreactor produces 50 to 75 pounds of algae and 17,000 cubic feet of oxygen per day.

The HY-TEK Bio Difference