Harnessing Natural Efficiency.

Reclaiming the Environment.

                                   reduces the carbon footprint of any power-generating facility using its customizable breakthrough technology. A strain of algae is used to absorb up to 100 percent of the GHG emissions from flue gases produced in industrial manufacturing and power generation.

Algae As A Profit Center.

HY-TEK Bio has perfected a system that not only mitigates flue streams….it also grows and harvests a valuable strain of algae - HTB-1, isolated by HY-TEK Bio and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.  Algae is a valuable commodity present in a huge range of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint, animal feed, and bio-plastics. HTB-1 includes high levels of valuable components used in premium markets. 

We use the natural efficiency of photosynthesis to digest carbon dioxide and optimize algae production for a growing global market.

Capture GHG from your flue stacks.