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Mitigating GHG

Provided with light, water, nutrient and CO2, algae grows by consuming the CO2 in flue gas along with nutrient in the algal culture. Once the culture reaches an optical density at which the light can no longer penetrate the core of the bioreactor, the system’s automation control opens the bioreactor drain valve and 10% of the bioreactor’s algal culture transfers into a settling tank.

 While its primary focus is on the mitigation of GHG emissions through its patented process, HY-TEK Bio 
has developed related and cost-efficient technologies, including:

Algae As A Profit Center

HY-TEK Bio is an emerging global leader in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and generating oxygen and algae to produce high value products. HY-TEK Bio technology uses a unique strain of algae (HTB-1) - isolated from thousands of strains - to absorb up to 100 percent of the GHG emissions from flue gases produced in industrial manufacturing and power generation.


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 Algae is a valuable commodity in a huge range of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, animal feed and items. HY-TEK 

Bio has perfected

a system to grow

and harvest HTB-1,

high in lutein-

zeaxanthin and