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While its primary product is the mitigation of GHG emissions through its patented process, HY-TEK Bio has developed related and cost-efficient technologies, including: 

Natural By Products 

Given light, water, nutrient and CO2, algae will grow by consuming the CO2 in flue gas and nutrient in the culture until it reaches an optical density (OD) where the light can no longer penetrate the core of the Bioreactor.  At this point, the system’s Automation Control opens the Bioreactor drain valve and 10% of the Bioreactor flows by gravity into a Settling Tank,

Abating Pollution

HY-TEK Bioisn't just changing the equation in cost effective energy strategies.

With a completely natural process that absorbs a multitude of Green House gases while producing 100% oxygen, HY-TEK Bio is changing the game in reclaiming the environment.

The Power of a

Thousand Trees.