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Harnessing The

Power of Trees

A Single Tree


30kg CO2/Yr

(66 lbs CO2/Yr)

1 HY-TEK Bio Bioreactor


10-11 kg Algae/day

which consumes

20kg CO2/day or

7,000kg CO2/Yr

Our Goal for this Project

10,000kg CO2/Yr

That's 10 Tonnes CO2/Yr

We can get
500 Bioreactors/acre

That's 60m x 60m

500 x 10 Tonnes CO2/Yr
5,000 Tonnes CO2/Yr

HY-TEK Bio isn't just changing the equation in cost effective energy strategies.

With a completely natural process that absorbs a multitude of Green House gases while producing oxygen through photosynthesis, HY-TEK Bio is changing the game in reclaiming the environment.

Our technology is cost-effective and practical, but the elegance of the process is in the potential it supplies in the abatement of pollution. There are no negative effects in any phase of the HY-TEK Bio process and related technology.

That’s equal to OVER
200 Acres of Trees

abating pollution