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Portable Mylar/Kevlar Collapsible Tanks

HY-TEK Bio bioreactors are a patent-pending technology made of laminated Mylar with Kevlar/Carbon Fiber mesh. The tanks are light, collapsible and portable. They may be used to store a multitude of materials and have been tested with water, gasoline, alcohol and various food products.

Custom Sizes

The tanks were designed as photo bioreactors with 4 feet (diameter) by 20 feet (height) dimensions to grow algae for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. At this scale, the bioreactor weighs 65 pounds and holds 1,800 gallons of water. Tank sizes are completely customizable to address specific applications, or in standard tank sizes such as 10’x10’, 20’x20’, 30’x30’ or larger.

Strength and Durability

Tank materials hold up to 700 lbs. force and tank seams have been tested to hold beyond the walls’ material breaking forces. The tanks were installed and tested outside for 6 months during harsh winter months, then moved indoors and used as photo bioreactors to grow algae for 6 months with no degradation. While it is recommended that tanks be installed within a “shell” building for long term use, short term outdoor use is acceptable. The addition of a UV protective layer will allow the tanks to last longer outdoors.


The tanks are manufactured in the U.S and cost up to 75% less than equivalently-sized stainless steel tanks. Given their portable and collapsible nature, tanks can be installed inside buildings without heavy equipment. Further, tanks can be detached at the bottom when empty for ease of cleaning and servicing in place.


Lead time for manufacturing is typically less than one month, and tanks can be installed in one day.