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Years of research and testing on bubble rise velocity and dissolution effect have pointed to the best way to inject micron-sized bubbles into solution to promote maximum dissolution effect.

The smaller the bubble, the quicker it dissolves into solution and comes into contact with the algae. And, the smaller the bubble, the slower it rises in the tank, interacting longer with the algae to maximize gas through-put for the solution.

HY-TEK Bio studies show that as small bubbles with high surface tension start to enlarge and rise faster, they change shape and spread out due to less water pressure as they rise. The flatter shape increases water resistance and the bubble again begins to rise slower. At this point, when there is maximum surface exposure and slowest surface rise, that maximum time-in-tank versus air through-put occurs.

HY-TEK Bio’s full-floor sparging technology helps the bubble get to this point quickly and enables a high volume (cfm) of gas flow through the bioreactors. This naturally chaotic movement throughout the tank creates a vibrant stirring action that fosters a healthy and uniform solution with little or no build-up on the walls of the tank.

HY-TEK Bio’s small, reflective bubbles generate thousands of new light pathways to allow the light to penetrate the thick culture, which further accelerates photosynthesis (PS).

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