Algae consumes 1.83 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce one gram of biomass. 


HY-TEK Bio’s solutions provide an effective mitigation strategy, regulatory

relief and greater public acceptance of industrial pollution mitigation.

HY-TEK Bio started with a widely accepted premise that it has demonstrated through extensive research and partnerships:​

With that initial metric and its breakthroughs in bioreactors, grow lights and nutrient, HY-TEK Bio now reduces carbon dioxide and grows biomass in a closed system that meets or exceeds contemporary regulatory rules and corporate goals.

The process is fully proven, with excellent results. HY-TEK Bio’s pilot plant is completely self-contained, indoors and operates under optimal conditions at all times. It is independent of seasonal and daily variations in temperature and sunlight, and it can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year anywhere in the world.

HY-TEK Bio's operating facilities are modular and scalable, so they can work with any size generating capacity, from small engines at landfills and wastewater treatment plants, through waste-to-energy plants, to anaerobic digesters and large power stations.

First, HY-TEK Bio isolated a unique strain of algae with the assistance of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (“UMCES”), and dubbed it HTB-1 (for HY-TEK Bio Strain #1).

HTB-1 is singular among thousands of strains of algae because it excels in numerous criteria, including wider ranges of tolerance for temperature, CO
2, and pH levels. Its fast reproduction rate and high market value as biomass made it the perfect candidate for HY-TEK Bio’s technology.

HY-TEK Bio’s system provides the most effective controlled environments for containment, delivery of flue gas, lighting, and nutrient, to accelerate absorption of CO
2, NOx, SOx and other GHGs.


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