has perfected a system that not only mitigates Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from flue gas….it also grows and harvests a valuable strain of algae - HTB-1, isolated by HY-TEK Bio and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.  Algae is a valuable commodity present in a huge range of products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paint, animal feed, and bio-plastics. HTB-1 includes high levels of valuable components used in premium markets. 

Algae As A Profit Center.

We use the natural efficiency of photosynthesis to digest carbon dioxide and optimize algae production for a natural pollution reduction process.

Harnessing Nature

                                   reduces the carbon footprint of any power-generating facility using its customizable breakthrough technology. A strain of algae is used to absorb up to 100 percent of the GHG emissions from flue gases produced in industrial manufacturing and power generation.

Capturing GHG emissions from flue stacks.

Reclaiming the Environment.